The DoubleClick stack for Advertisers

Today’s digital advertising ecosystem requires advertisers to think in a way that transcends channels, platforms, and devices. We empower advertisers with the right technology to centrally measure, optimize and infuse these activities with the right data.

Using the DoubleClick stack means using a marketing stack that connects your media channels and which helps you buy and optimize media using industry-defining tools such as DoubleClick Search and DoubleClick Bid Manager. DoubleClick gives our clients a deduplicated, single view of their customer regardless of acquisition source or device, and enables 1:1 messaging to these customers using smart dynamic creative messaging through DoubleClick Studio.

We help our clients build centralized data warehouses within DoubleClick Campaign Manager, enabling integration of offline sales data, CRM records, or other marketing triggers into their digital marketing campaigns with ease.

The connection with Analytics 360 means a fully unified view of all digital touchpoints with your clients, all optimized in synchronicity towards your business’ KPIs and within one centralized marketing platform.



One holistic source of truth
A connected ecosystem
Gain control and insight
One holistic source of truth

Through the DoubleClick stack, we optimise towards clear and aligned business KPIs across all your digital marketing channels in an integrated and orchestrated approach. This gives you a single source of truth for your digital marketing campaigns and their cross-channel, and cross-device, performance.

A connected ecosystem

Using a singular user graph, recognise audiences and optimize them across search and media campaigns showing them relevant messaging at every step of their journey through your marketing funnel.

Gain control and insight

Choosing DoubleClick means empowering your organisation with control and insights that are unparalleled. Combined with our services we will help you optimise your media in a fully transparent ecosystem, helping you manage your agencies and other stakeholders within your own DoubleClick environment.

Choosing DoubleClick through DQ&A does not only empower you with the best digital marketing platform in the market, it also provides you with the DQ&A’s 15-year-and-running expertise making DoubleClick work for clients.

Our teams of experienced consultants have implemented DoubleClick across hundreds of clients across the globe, helping them every step of the way. Our team will ensure that through proper implementation, onboarding and activation on the DoubleClick stack, you realise the maximum impact  the platform can have on your business.

We specialise in bespoke integrations of DoubleClick that fit in seamlessly within your current business platforms, CRM data and other tooling you might use, empowering your marketing stack with data streams that deliver true value, and connecting back relevant business insights to your internal business analysis tools.

We pride ourselves on our services surrounding DoubleClick including strategy, creation, channel management and campaign management services via our sister company NMPi.

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